Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of coolant should I use?

GM tests all their engines using long life DEX-COOL coolant. Therefore, PCM recommends DEX-COOL or any good extended life coolant (pink/orange in color) mixed 50% DEX-COOL to 50% water for engines that have a closed cooling system. More than 50% coolant can contribute to overheating. Do not mix or substitute DEX-COOL with traditional silicated coolant (green in color).

What is PCM’s policy on the use of Ethanol?

The implementation of ethanol-based fuel is spreading rapidly throughout the United States .  The end user of our engines might well be concerned regarding the use of this fuel.  As such, Pleasurecraft Marine Engines provides the following policy statement regarding the use of this fuel.

This notification addresses the use of ethanol fuels IN PCM ENGINES ONLY.  It does not address the use of ethanol fuels in vessel related components such as boat gas tanks, boat fuel lines, boat fuel filters, etc.  The boat owner is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to contact the boat builder regarding the suitability of
ethanol fuel usage in their vessel.

Ethanol blended fuel rated E10 or less is acceptable to use.
Fuels rated higher than E10 SHOULD NOT BE USED.

Ethanol fuels rated higher than E10 could potentially damage the engine and/or present an unsafe boating condition.  Damage to the engine resulting from the use of ethanol fuel rated higher than E10 is not covered by the warranty.

Can I use synthetic oil in my PCM engine?

Synthetic oils are not recommended for use in PCM engines. Synthetic oils may offer advantages in cold temperature pumpability and high temperature oxidation-resistance. However, synthetic oils have not proven to provide operational or economic benefits over conventional petroleum based oils in PCM engines. Their use does not permit the extension of oil change intervals.

With today’s rising gasoline prices, what octane rating is recommended for my Pleasurecraft engine?

Pleasurecraft fuel injected engines are calibrated to operate on 87 octane fuel and maximum performance is obtained  when using this fuel.  The ignition timing set by the factory requires the use of a high-quality lead free regular gasoline with an octane specification of (R+M/2).