Direct Injection: Feel the Rhythm

Place your hand on your heart. Seriously, stop reading this and place your hand on your heart.

Do you feel the rhythmic beat of your heart, powerfully pounding blood through your body? Your heart, as small as it may be compared to the rest of your body, is the driving force that powers you through your day, week, and lifetime.

An engine is just like a heart. Though small, compared to the boat it powers, the engine is the most important feature. Without a smooth-running engine, the boat is useless.

At PCM we believe that the engine needs to be of the highest quality and manufactured to last. Just as athletes train their hearts to withstand the most grueling workouts, we design and engineer our engines to stand above the competition. A PCM engine performs without hesitation and is charged with the latest technologies and features that deliver incomparable enjoyment and reliability.

With this in mind, we’ve spent countless hours researching ways to develop the next great engine to power inboard towsport boats. Built on the idea of HYPERFORMANCE; the serious, obsessive — borderline fanatical — approach and philosophy to building an engine that outperforms the competition in every way – our newest class of engines are the industry’s most innovative engines available.

In September of 2015, we launched the H5DI and H6DI engines. These engines feature the only direct injection fuel system in the inboard towsports industry. They were designed to propel – literally and figuratively – watersports enthusiasts beyond the reach of the competition and allow them to soar to new heights.

These engines are set apart from the competition by implementing the next generation technology of Direct Injection. Take a look and you’ll see why we have been the industry leader for so many years.

Direct Injection Technology 

Essentially, Direct Injection Technology, provides more power and greater efficiency from smaller displacement engines, meaning a great pull just got even better while costing you less at the pump.  All of this is achieved by:

  • Moving the point where fuel feeds into an engine closer to the point where it ignites, enabling greater combustion efficiency
  • A leaner mixture, so less fuel is required to produce the equivalent horsepower of a conventional, port injection fuel system
  • Higher compression ratios that produce more power
  • A more complete burn of the fuel in the air-fuel mixture
  • Operating at a lower temperature than conventional port injection

In addition to this latest technology, the H5DI and H6DI feature our Catanium® Clean Emission System Gen 2, which reduces harmful emissions and dangerous carbon monoxide to create a cleaner, safer marine environment while optimizing performance. A custom-tuned intake manifold ensures optimal torque while the all-aluminum construction of the block, heads and exhaust system allow for the utilization of an open-loop cooling system. This system is the most effective, reliable, and maintenance-free system in the marine industry and backed by the strongest 5-year buyer protection plan, Hypertection.

Of course, no PCM engine would be complete without all the exclusive features made famous by our earlier generation engines. Like what you see? Are you interested in taking your boating to the next level? Talk to your local dealer to learn how you can start experiencing HYPERFORMANCE.

Remember, it’s important not to forget about your boat’s engine, because just like a strong heart powers some of the greatest athletes, you deserve a strong engine to power your passion!